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A sinner saved by the grace of the Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

With one foot in technology & the other in the arts, I create data stories & mentor people on data storytelling. I also help build products that make you fall in love with business reporting.

Reviews for ‘From Data to Stories’:

  1. Data Comics meet cricket data in the irrepressible “Data to Stories” by Paul Laughlin in
  2. From Data to Stories: A superb use of cricket as a teaching method by Arunabha Sengupta in
  3. Eine Buchbesprechung zu “Storytelling with Data Comics” by Annette Hexelschneider in
  4. How Can We Use Comics to Tell Data Stories? by Neil Richards in Nightingale - the Journal of the Data Visualization Society

Data Visualization & Storytelling:

  1. A searchable database of Trump’s Sir stories
  2. Contributing to Comicgen - the open source comic creator
  3. Interactive comic of the Nashville Presidential Debate
  4. Interactive comic of the Cleveland Presidential Debate
  5. Challenges women face
  6. Contributed to My name is Akbar Khan
  7. Words - a comic dictionary
  8. Contributed to World Bank: Innovation, Tech & Entrepreneurship
  9. A trivia-viz narrative of the Olympics
  10. Challenges funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  11. Lionel Messi’s shots
  12. Sachin’s world cup runs
  13. Trump’s tweets
  14. Elvis Presley jukebox
  15. Kishore Kumar’s bollywood numbers
  16. Every point scored by Kobe Bryant
  17. MS Dhoni’s ODI Sixes
  18. Senator voting patterns
  19. Shakespeare’s sonnets
  20. Colors of Amul Ads
  21. Ease of Doing Business
  22. Las Vegas showdown
  23. Twitter rankings during the CNBC debate
  24. Themes of the CNN debate
  25. Will the Republicans do better at Simi valley?
  26. Ben Carson’s FB page
  27. Most searched Republican candidates on Google
  28. Hillary Clinton bashing award
  29. Contributed to We need more women judges
  30. To Brexit or not?
  31. Know your investments
  32. Wimbledon one-siders
  33. Redesigning Cricket scorecards
  34. Ball by ball Cricket scorecards
  35. World cup story
  36. World cup with Khaleej Times
  37. The Untouchables
  38. Lone rangers
  39. Hundreds scored in the Cricket World Cup
  40. World Cup Coverage report
  41. Readability of constitutions
  42. Amitabh’s tweets
  43. Every touchdown of NFL 2015
  44. The toss factor
  45. Game, set & match Ms Williams
  46. Euro 2016, the weighing scale
  47. World leaders on Twitter
  48. Killing mocking birds
  49. Text-Alike
  50. What’s Trending
  51. Crimes against women
  52. Bang for the buck?


  1. Use the deductive structure to create data story gifs
  2. Lessons learned from creating physical data visualizations
  3. Saying it with gifs
  4. In defense of Excel
  5. Big data needs you Mr. Shekar
  6. Creating Map Stories
  7. Data Comic Story Patterns
  8. Create Comics in Google Sheets using Comicgen

Mentions & Recognitions:

  1. The only way to watch the US Presidential Debate by Naked Data
  2. My name is Akbar, I’m carrying the wheel by Naked Data
  3. Your data story needs more than data by Juice Analytics
  4. 2nd place in the CGDV hackathon
  5. How to experiment with visualization & handle critiques by Allison Torban
  6. Best of the visualisation web - June 2018 by Andy Kirk
  7. Best of the visualisation web - Feb 2018 by Andy Kirk
  8. Best of the visualisation web - Nov 2017 by Andy Kirk
  9. This Week’s Top Ten in Data Journalism by the Global Investigative Journalism Network
  10. Visualizing voting similarities in the Senate by Alberto Cairo
  11. How to improve this visualization of voting in the U.S. Congress? by Andrew Gelman
  12. A makeover of the visualization of voting similarities in the Senate by Alberto Cairo
  13. Best of the visualisation web - Aug 2017 by Andy Kirk
  14. US Elections 2016: 50 new interactive dataviz by Visualoop
  15. Best of the visualisation web - Apr 2016 by Andy Kirk
  16. Shakespeare Resources by St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System
  17. Interactive Inspiration by Visualoop
  18. Visualizing Shakespeare’s sonnets by Alberto Cairo
  19. Wikipedia Sonnets: Study Resources by Alberto Cairo


  1. Metre of an antique song: Classical echoes in William Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Pedro Riesco García
  2. Exploring Citizens’ Constitution Readability Profile in Selected Anglophone African Countries by William Kodom Gyasi & Julius NyerereTettey
  3. Context and Humor: Understanding Amul advertisements of India by Radhika Mamidi